Dark Angels

Dark AngelsThe story takes place in a small town where the authority is split between five individuals. They are representatives of all branches of the authority, repression, justice and public life. The President. The Head of Police. The Judge. The Priest. The Prophet. People who enjoy total confidence of the society. People who create the manner of thinking and the moral of the society. The same society is entirely convinced of their intelligence and nobility. Furthermore it believes that they are hard working people and kindhearted humanitarians. That the spirit of their lives is the supreme sacrifice for the prosperity of the fellow citizens and that they never think of themselves and of their benefits...

The song of malice, manipulation, cynicism and enjoyment.

Arsmedia in cooperation with Televizija Slovenija and Filmski sklad RS presents a Sašo Podgoršek film »Dark Angels« performing Demolition Group Karin Komljanec Lotos Vincenc Šparovec Petra Zupan Petruška special guest stars Helena Blagne-Zaman Elvis J.Kurtović Let3 Franci Kek Luka Pascal Cavazza photography Sven Pepeonik art director J.E.S.U.S. Ajax costume design Alan Hranitelj make up Mojca Gorogranc music Demolition Group editing Vesna Nikolovska Kržičnik sound Damijan Kunej 35mm lab Bavaria Film Munchen/Bettina Winter, Hubertus Rath executive producer Franci Zajc editor-in-chief of TV arts programmes Jaroslav Skrušny screenplay Goran Šalamon directed by Sašo Podgoršek